Ski shape categories can be relative to every skier, but the following are Folsom’s shape categories based on what shapes are skied most frequently in certain snow types.  As always, don’t hesitate to fill out a custom fit form or contact us if you’d like assistance determining the best shape for your skiing.


Frontside / Carving shapes are narrower underfoot and generally perform the best on groomed or firmer snow.

122.78.106 mm



Your Dedicated Frontside Carving Machine

  • Our narrowest offering, a slimmed down version of the award-winning Spar 88
  • Perfect for east coast hardpack – carving and bumps alike 
  • Strategic carbon configuration creates added load in the tail for a highly energized turn 
  • Snappy and nimble 17 m turning radius
  • New and improved Directional Rocker profile balances frontside performance with versatility


132.88.116 mm



Precision and Power Meet Progression

  • The rebirth of our Blue Note Carve in a modernized cut
  • An excellent front-side carving tool with all mountain capabilities
  • Shorter turn radius makes the ski snappy and nimble 
  • New geometry allows for variety of rocker / camber profiles allowing for maximum grip and control with forgiveness in mixed conditions


148.94.120 mm



Carve with Confidence

  • The newest addition to the award-winning Spar Family
  • Lightning fast turning radius has you carving circles around your friends
  • Supercar-inspired tip and tail shapes are sure to turn heads
  • Shines in tight turning through mixed conditions, but wide enough to handle softer snow as well


132.96.118 mm

folsom rad dad



Break Your Top-To-Bottom Record

  • A long, aggressive build for those who require stability at high speeds
  • The perfect frontside charger to compliment your powder ski
  • The Official Unofficial Ski of Aspen Mountain, but capable wherever you take it



All Mountain skis fall mostly within 95-110mm underfoot, and are more capable in mixed conditions.

130.100.120 mm



The Complete One Ski Quiver

  • This ski transforms the entire mountain into your private playground
  • Narrow enough for precision on groomers, wide enough to handle moderate amounts of fresh snow
  • Tapered tips and tails create intuitive and forgiving entry and exit to turns
  • Rocker and camber provide the total package for skiing any type of mixed snow
  • 100mm underfoot width keeps the edges accessible and easy to engage


134.105.124 mm

folsom completo



All-Mountain Confidence

  • Wider version of the Completo 100 for better soft snow performance
  • Tapered tips and tails create intuitive and forgiving entry and exit to turns
  • Rocker and camber provide the total package for skiing any type of mixed snow
  • Shorter sidecut allows for quick maneuverability when skiing trees and steep terrain

131.93.120 mm



The Newest Addition To The Cash Family

  • Tapered tip paired with full-length sidecut through the tail yields a user friendly turn initiation with power through the exit of the turn
  • 93mm waist width makes for a great resort daily driver for the recreational skier
  • Also pairs well with our UltraLITE construction for a long-approach touring ski
  • Shorter turning radius across all lengths keeps the Cash playful and reactive


138.106.124 mm

CASH 106


A User Friendly All Mountain Ski

  • 106mm underfoot across a multitude of lengths creates a one-ski-quiver for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Recommended Directional Rocker profile makes an excellent build with superior energy transmission through the ski for the traditional skier 
  • Shorter turning radius across all lengths keeps the Cash playful and reactive


134.95.122 mm

folsom trigger ii



Grip It and Rip It

  • Traditional sidecut applied to nearly any camber profile allows this ski to be a reactive all mountain slayer
  • Mid-range width can grip like a race ski and let you spin with confidence off any jump
  • Not only does this ski excel in almost every type of snow condition, but can be customized to be an excellent all-mountain park tool

134.104.122 mm



The Shape Designed With BLISTER, Fully Customizable

  • The newest member of the Primary Family, based off the geometry we designed alongside the experts at BLISTER
  • Fully customizable with any of our camber profiles, construction types, and graphics
  • Performs optimally between hardpack and mixed conditions, but capable in softer snow
  • Click here for our signature BLISTER Pro build, and read up further on the shape’s inception here


141.110.131 mm



Solid, Stable, and Ready to Please

  • A fresh redesign of Folsom’s original advanced skier daily driver
  • Shorter radius across all lengths make a snappy and intuitive ski
  • Full-length sidecut eliminates taper and creates a stable edge-to-edge shape
  • 110mm underfoot provides great float on powder days, plus precision in mixed snow conditions



Powder / Big Mountain skis are 113mm underfoot or greater to generate superior float. They excel in high alpine terrain and soft snow conditions.

143.113.127 mm



A Modern Makeover On Our Original Powder Ski.

  • Our award-winning powder ski with a new look at 113 mm underfoot
  • Forgiving sidecut with a large surface area maximizes fun in soft snow
  • 5-point taper creates a user-friendly turn style that suits a variety of skier types
  • Versatile rocker design allows for plenty of grip and control no matter what the conditions dictate
  • The ideal shape for your first powder tool, cat skiing trip, or Japan adventure

142.114.130 mm

folsom primary



The Giver Is Back

  • The return of Folsom’s long radius all / big mountain charger
  • A great daily driver for the expert skiers
  • Full-length sidecut eliminates any taper and creates a powerful edge-to-edge ride
  • Point these skis fall line, and just Giver!


145.115.140 mm

folsom trophy



1st Place In The Powder Playground

  • One of the quickest and most nimble powder shapes on the market
  • The go-to geometry for soft snow stunts, jumps, butters, and more 
  • Early taper at both ends enable the ski to smear and slash at will


146.117.132 mm

folsom bto

CASH 117


The Big Mountain Machine

  • A blend between a progressive, elliptical tip shape and a traditional, extended effective edge tail design
  • A true big mountain shape that is at home at speed, especially in the high alpine
  • Maintaining forward pressure allows the ski to pivot and steer with ease, while a neutral stance allows the tail to hook up for power and control
  • Combined elements create a “big time operator” of a powder ski

folsom custom fit

148.122.138 mm

folsom rapture



Your Weapon For The Apocalypse

  • Aggressive and fast big-mountain powder tool
  • Made for ripping the steep and deep with pop and agility
  • Early tapered tips and tails designed for effortless smearability in soft snow
  • Rockered tips and tails with variety of camber options provide endless versatility in a powder ski

160.135.140 mm



The Exclusive Deep Powder Tool

  • The ultimate powder shape if you’re lucky enough to ski untouched snow regularly
  • Intended for deep snow / cat and heli skiing use, not to be used in the resort
  • Inspired by reverse sidecut skis from over the years
  • Pairs best with our shallow reverse camber (SRC) profile and lightweight construction


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