Grip It and Rip It

  • Traditional sidecut applied to nearly any camber profile allows this ski to be a reactive all mountain slayer
  • Mid-range width can grip like a race ski and let you spin with confidence off any jump
  • Not only does this ski excel in almost every type of snow condition, but can be customized to be an excellent all-mountain park tool

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Camber Profile *

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Core Material *

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Length (cm) 163 169 174 179 184 189
Tip Width (mm) 134 134 134 134 134 134
Waist Width (mm) 95 95 95 95 99 99
Tail Width (mm) 122 122 122 122 122 122
Turning Radius (m) 14 14 17 17 22 22

Suggested Camber Profiles


Nearly full camber with a minimal early rise tip for a slightly more accommodating turn.


Moderate tip rocker paired with a mild tail rocker for the conventional skier.




Core: Poplar & Bamboo
Composite: 90 / 10 Glass Carbon

Lightweight, responsive, and durable.  Ideal for casual resort skiing, appropriate for a variety of different skill levels.


Core: Poplar, Maple & Bamboo
Composite: 90 / 10 Glass Carbon

Rigid, stable, and damp.  Plows through variable conditions with ease, and great for consistent edge hold.  Ideal for heavier and / or more aggressive skiers.


Core: Poplar & Bamboo
Composite: 70 / 30 Glass Carbon

The perfect balance of weight and stability for skiers seeking a lighter product.  Additional weight can be saved with our Aspen core for uphill applications.


Core: Aspen
Composite: 100% Carbon with Functionalized Graphene Oxide

Our UltraLITE construction for dedicated touring skis.  Excels in backcountry snow conditions.