The first step in your custom skis is picking your ski shape, which dictates your ski’s length and geometry (tip-waist-tail dimensions, sidecut, and taper). All Folsom shapes are available in a variety of lengths, rocker / camber profiles, and construction types. Shapes are organized by family as follows but can also be browsed by category using the below menu. 


The Spar Family balances hardpack precision and frontside carving with all-mountain performance. It generally features narrower waist widths and shorter turn shapes.


The Completo Family utilizes tapered tips and tails to create a user-friendly and intuitive ski, making it a great candidate for a one-ski-quiver.


The more aggressive Cash series balances a tapered tip with full length sidecut through the tails of the skis for added power. At 106 and 117 mm underfoot, the Cash can be a daily driver or big mountain machine.


The Primary series does not utilize any taper, and features tip-to-tail sidecut for superior stability and control at higher speeds. Another all mountain, one-ski-quiver choice for demanding skiers, particularly in the wider widths.


Folsom’s Reserves are fan favorite specialty shapes that don’t fall into a specific family. Don’t worry, we’re still building them with all of our signature build options.


Purchase a Custom Build Gift Card to secure a custom build for yourself or another skier at any time. We’ll assist the lucky recipient with their custom ski design at a convenient time for them.

Still not sure what the best shape will be for your skiing?  Fill out a custom fit form to chat with a design expert, or contact us using the info below.