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Skier: Co-Owner Ryan Prentice

What is custom for ME? 

Most skis are built to appeal to the average person so that the majority of skiers will have their basic needs “satisfied” by the skis.

BUT…We know you are not average, and your ski shouldn’t be, either.

Folsom Skis are built for you based on your gender, body type, weight, skiing style, preferred terrain, and any other needs or desires you feel are important to you and your ski day.

The results speak for themselves:

When we work with you to customize our award winning skis with materials specific to your body and skiing style, you get a better ski, which makes you a better skier. And since our skis come with the best guarantee in the industry, that means your skis last longer giving you the time to be comfortable and confident on YOUR skis for years to come.

In analyzing you as an individual skier, we take into account all of the obvious and some not-so-obvious considerations that compose your skier identity. To that, we add your personal preferences, which we get from listening to you about what you feel has worked in the past and what we agree will work for you in the future.

When you click into your new pair of Folsom Custom Skis, you are getting much more than just a pair of skis built completely around you as a skier… you are getting an invitation to take your experience to a whole new level.

Design my perfect skis today!

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