Mike McCabe - Chief of Operations, Master Builder 

A dedicated owner, Mike is the consummate craftsman carefully assembling your new sticks. He's been working tirelessly, and giving his all to ensure that Folsom became the successful company it is today. Mike started on the Folsom Team as a ski tester and design consultant in 2007. His task was to demand performance and durability from each ski Folsom gave him. Mike skied professionally in Freeride Competitions for many years, and at 6’2” and 200lbs, he had a knack for blowing up mass-produced skis. Mike pounded every Folsom ski he tested and they never failed to impress him both in durability and performance. In 2008, he decided to join Folsom fulltime. A master builder in his own right, Mike worked with Jordan in the Folsom Custom shop in Boulder to refine their product. With excitement and passion, Mike and his new partners took over running the company in 2011. They moved the shop to a larger space in Denver, where Mike continues to engineer, hand build, and innovate exceptionally durable customized skis while carefully managing the growth of the business. When he is not working or out enjoying the latest Folsom innovation, Mike is a talented cook, expert in boating and water sports, motorcycle enthusiast/mechanic, and explorer of Colorado’s spectacular wilderness.  He drinks whiskey and Coors Light. Contact him at

Max Tabor - Director of Business Operations

Max Tabor represents the front facing business role for Folsom Custom Skis, overseeing the company's sales, marketing, accounting, and finance. Max brings with him a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Denver. He loyally interned with Folsom back in 2013 when he was a student, and when the opportunity opened up to come on full-time, Max eagerly dove in headfirst, excited to grow the company and to take Folsom's everyday operations to the next level.  A New Hampshire native, Max grew up skiing park and later racing on the "ice coast".  His passion for the sport led him to DU where he shifted his focus to backcountry freeride.  Max's work experience includes energy analytics, commercial real estate design build, and systems / sales management. Off the hill Max enjoys surfing, PBR, and dance parties.  He can be reached at 

Christian Downing - Production Manager

The day Christian Downing stepped foot in the Folsom shop, the team recognized him as an incredibly hard worker. His work ethic and determination as an intern earned Christian a spot on Folsom's full-time roster in 2015, and since then he's graduated to the ranks of Production Manager. Christian carries with him a BS in Industrial Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and has been skiing the Colorado Rockies since he was 4 years old. Passionate about the products he makes and manages, Christian's focus on hand craftsmanship and attention to detail set him apart from the crowd. His design work is anything but limited as he contributes to Folsom’s product design, graphic design, product testing, and everything in between. Since growing up in Colorado Christian has been very passionate about nature and actively being out, whether it’s fishing, skiing, skating, or playing beers games in the backyard. He can be reached at

Alex Gardiner - Production Engineer

Folsom's newest full-time staff member, Alex proved his value to the company by starting as an unpaid intern while studying at the University of Denver. During a time of need in the fall of 2016, Alex quickly jumped right into production, picking up Folsom's renowned build techniques flawlessly and faster than the company had seen anyone do in the past which granted him the role of Production Engineer in December of 2016. Since then Alex has helped to systematize Folsom's production, allowing the company's ski manufacturing to move at a faster clip while maintaining premium build quality. Alex also contributes to Folsom's graphic design and social media marketing. Raised outside of Boston, Alex grew up freestyle skiing in the White Mountains. He attended Holderness School before completing his BS in Mechanical Engineering at DU. With a strong nautical upbringing, Alex enjoys sailing, diving, and spending time in tropics outside of skiing. He can be reached at 

Ryan Prentice -  Outside Sales & Design

Ryan has been skiing since he was two years old. In 2003, Ryan attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and quickly joined the CU Boulder Freestyle Ski Team. Throughout college Ryan also traveled on the U.S. Freeskiing tour. In 2007, upon graduating with a BS from the Leeds School of Business, Ryan moved to Whistler, BC and worked as a guide for the highly-acclaimed ski school, Extremely Canadian. During his stint in Canada, Ryan was a ski coach for the Whistler Freeride team, was commissioned to appear in numerous ski films and photography, and also tested new shapes and designs for the newly-formed Folsom Custom Skis. In the fall of 2011, Ryan joined the Folsom Custom Ski Team as part-owner and director of sales. He can be reached at

Jesse Durrance, Partner

From the day he could fit into ski boots, Colorado-native Jesse Durrance grew up chasing his father and grandfather around the slopes of Aspen, CO. He joined the Aspen Valley Ski Club and raced until the age of 18. Jesse then attended college at the University of Colorado at which time he also competed in big mountain competitions combining skiing with mountaineering. Since then, Jesse’s ski adventures have included descents of Denali, Mermolejo, and Chimborazo, and as much time as he can get in the backcountry of Bariloche, Argentina during the southern winter or any part of the western US during the northern winter. As a partner with Folsom Skis, Jesse still contributes to the company's accounting and growth strategies.  He can be reached at

About Folsom Custom Skis™

100 percent rider owned, Folsom Custom Skis create custom skis that are designed, engineered and built by skiers. With a focus on customized design and engineering perfection, Folsom Custom’s offer unparalleled individual performance, outlast mass-produced skis and are manufactured sustainably from tip to tail utilizing more than 95 percent of materials sourced within the U.S. As one of North America’s first and only fully-custom ski companies, each ski’s flex pattern, stiffness, camber profile, tip and tail design and graphics are determined on a case-by-case basis and hand-crafted in Denver, Colorado. A favorite of clientele from around the world, celebrities and professional skiers alike, Folsom Custom Skis have also received multiple “Skier Choice” awards from Powder Magazine and “Editor’s Choice” from Freeskier Magazine. For more information browse our website,, email, or call (303) 248-3418.