The Complete One Ski Quiver

  • Our #1 selling shape of all time for good reason
  • This ski transforms the entire mountain into your private playground
  • Rocker, taper, and camber provide the total package for skiing any type of mixed snow
  • Easy and intuitive with little learning curve


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Length (cm) 168 176 181 189 192
Tip Width (mm) 128 128 130 136 136
Waist Width (mm) 100 100 105 108 108
Tail Width (mm) 118 118 118 124 124
Turning Radius (m) 17 17 20 23 23




Moderate tip rocker paired with a mild tail rocker for the conventional skier.



More progressive tip and tail rocker for substantial float with reactive camber underfoot.

Awards & Reviews


The Completos have exceeded my expectations in every way. These skis inspire confidence on any terrain and any snow type. They are truly a ‘swiss army knife’, do it all, pieces of hand crafted quality awesomeness. The Completos I can charge on anything.

-Adam E.

The Completos are incredibly versatile and are a great choice for an every day ski out west. It is easy to get them up on edge to carve the frontside, they blast thru crud with ease, are super-stable at speed, and have enough float for the deep resort days. They are a great “one-ski quiver.” 

-Jeremy S.

This was the first custom ski I had ever purchased. I was looking for a wider ski to use in Utah as an all around every day soft snow ski capable of handling up to 12″ of fresh snow. Being an Eastern skier I was bewildered by all the off-the-shelf wider ski choices from the various manufacturers. So many different approaches to a western biased all mountain ski. So, I let Folsom walk me through the process. The ski is fantastic. It does everything they said it would do and matches my needs and goals. I felt comfortable on it immediately and have progressed from there. Yes, it performs well in soft snow conditions and just last week handled 17″ of pow at Snowbird no problem.


-Tom A.

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