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folsom bto



The Big Time Operator

  • A blend between a progressive, elliptical tip shape and a traditional, extended effective edge tail design
  • A true big mountain shape that is at home at speed, especially in the high alpine
  • Maintaining forward pressure allows the ski to pivot and steer with ease, while a neutral stance allows the tail to hook up for power and control
  • Combined elements create a big bully of a powder ski

folsom custom fit



A Modern Makeover On Our Original Powder Ski.

  • Our award-winning powder ski with a new look at 113 mm underfoot
  • Forgiving sidecut with a large surface area maximizes fun in soft snow
  • 5-point taper creates a user-friendly turn style that suits a variety of skier types
  • Versatile rocker design allows for plenty of grip and control no matter what the conditions dictate
  • The ideal shape for your first powder tool, cat skiing trip, or Japan adventure

folsom pow fish



Quite Possibly The Most Fun You’ll Have On A Powder Ski

  • Mild tip taper combined with snappy radius will have you flying through powder like never before
  • Surf inspired swallowtail ski base design creates unique body positioning in powder to maximize faceshots
  • 150mm in the tip will keep you afloat on the deepest days, while the 116mm waist can get you back to the lift with confidence

folsom rapture



Your Weapon For The Apocalypse

  • Aggressive and fast big-mountain powder tool
  • Made for ripping the steep and deep with pop and agility
  • Early tapered tips and tails designed for effortless smearability in soft snow
  • Rockered tips and tails with variety of camber options provide endless versatility in a powder ski