Designing your custom skis can be a daunting process. So please allow us to first give you some guidance. We like to offer an open line of communication for any questions you may have. We offer 3 different levels of customizations for different degrees of time,  interests, and motivations.



The fully custom ski is designed for customers
interested in examining their skiing with us to figure out how to create the product that best facilitates the way they ski. We offer a thorough questionnaire for you to answer (although you don’t have to answer all the questions) specially designed to help us understand how you ski. We also accept video analysis of your skiing and/or the insight of industry professionals to help us complete the picture of your skiing.

We begin by isolating a certain one our our shapes based on your overall skiing habits. From there we customize the flex, tip and tail shape, rocker/camber profile, graphic, and mount point.  If you aren’t sure which shape is right for you, we are more than happy to help you indentify what will suit you best. 

We (the same guys that build your skis) design an individualized profile of your skis and submit it to you for approval. During this entire process, we are more than happy to talk with you personally via phone, email, Skype, or in person to better discover what it is that will bring you more smiles on the slopes. 

When we are both at agreement, you pay a deposit and we start building. Your skis will be in your hands within a couple of weeks!


Price: $1199

Our semi-custom offering has now changed into the annual SUMMER-CUSTOM SALE. The sale is just that, a full custom build offered at a discounted rate and built during the summer months. This sale usually runs from early May through August. We cap these builds each year and once we reach our quota, the sale will be closed until the following season. Skis ordered through the sale are guaranteed for delivery by August 31st. 


Price: $975


After designing and building countless pairs of skis over the last few years, each member of the Folsom Team has found a couple of designs and profiles that they keep coming back to. Here is one of our favorites you can get your hands on now!

We have chosen to work with the premier online retailer to offer a line of skis designed in cooperation with their staff. We are proud to offer our Backcountry Limited Edition Folsom Skis exclusively at:  

You can find Folsom Skis and try a pair of demo skis at select retailors: