After nearly tripling our summer production numbers, we’re more ready than ever for another great Colorado ski season. We shipped hand-built stock skis off to again as well as the new evo Denver store in addition to a few other small retailers.

Our skis made it south of the equator this summer as we sent a fleet of demo skis down to Argentina with SASS Global Travel. Stay tuned on this partnership as more skis will be heading to SASS Japan this January...


Despite opting out of multiple ski tests, our Trigger II Carbon Tour took home a 2018 Gear Guide Select from Backcountry Magazine’s testing staff. Don’t miss their review, as well as our recently published 188cm Primary on Blister Gear Review for an outside perspective on two of our best selling skis.  



Our newly developed Rad Dad had a strong performance in its first year, particularly on the steep groomed slopes of Aspen Mountain, but developed over the last year were 3 additional shapes...

The first is a swallow tailed powder ski, dubbed the PowFish, which will be released in limited fashion alongside TREW Gear’s new PowFish Jacket.  The PowFish’s dimensions ring in at 150.116.138mm and are paired with a mild tip taper and an 18m radius.  Surfers take note, your dream powder ski is here.

Next was the rebirth of our Johnny C which we’re calling the Cash 106.  Available in a multitude of lenghts ranging from 160cm to 190cm, the Cash’s dimensions remain constant at 140.106.128mm.  Varying effective edge lengths are the product of different tip and tail taper, allowing this ski to handle anything any condition you throw at it with ease.  

Lastly, due to a high volume of requests, our award-winning TRN TEK 201cm Pro is now available in two shorter lengths: a 185cm and 190cm profile.  Same dimensions, same performance, same attitude, just in a smaller package. Whether it’s your daily driver as a traditional skier or your spring skiing weapon, there’s no reason not to have a pair of these in your lineup.  

Shop all Folsom shapes here, and start any custom build for the 2017-18 season here.  

Other Updates

As usual, we’ve been consistently adding topsheet graphic options for you to put on your custom skis throughout the year.  Here are a few of our favorites, new for the 2017-18 season:


We’ve also brought most of our softgoods production in-house, allowing us to dye-sublimate nearly any pattern onto any color t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie. Check out our custom softgoods order form to get your hands on some Folsom swag before the season kicks off.

Lastly, we’ve been actively retooling and optimizing our shop for the upcoming season. We spent way too much money on a standalone stone grinder to give our skis the perfect finish, and have been rebuilding our aluminum cassettes to make our product as consistent and flawless as possible. Stay tuned for some big updates coming from our production side…