16 NEW Custom Ski Graphics

In addition to the shape and construction of your custom skis, the graphic is the final piece that makes your skis truly unique to you.  Graphics allow you to express yourself aesthetically on your skis, letting your creative side shine.  They can turn heads in the lift lines and on top of backcountry peaks, or keep you flying incognito under the radar depending on your preference.

Here at Folsom, we are continually adding to our roster of available topsheet graphic designs for custom skis, and as we move into the warmer months, we’re excited to share with you 16 brand new designs that are available for custom skis now.

This year we started out by drawing inspiration from a handful of high-end designer brands out there.  For those of you fashionistas, check out the following three new graphics…Another friend of Folsom who manages Kind Design out of Vail, CO is Damon Redd, who has two fresh topo graphics up for grabs…The last of the contributors for new graphics is Folsom athlete and photographer Jordan White.  Based in Aspen, CO, Jordan can usually be found skiing monster peaks in the Elk Mountains, or pouring drinks at the Red Onion, often times in the same day.  Jordan is also a member of Search and Rescue, and takes some badass photos that look pretty darn good on a set of skis…And last but not least, comes an assortment of additions to the “Cultural”, “Retro”, and “Classic” sections of Folsom’s graphics…Browse the entire selection below, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to add one of the ski graphics to a custom pair of skis for yourself!

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