14 Custom Ski Graphics NEW For 2021-22

new graphics cover

It’s been a busy spring here at Folsom HQ.  While other brands shut their doors and took vacations, we’ve been hard at work perfecting new shapes and construction types, plus we’ve been brainstorming and creating fresh graphic ideas to have your skis looking better than ever aesthetically.

As we move into the warmer months, we’re excited to bring you 14 fresh new graphic designs that are available now for your next pair of custom skis.  As always, the new graphics incorporate varying styles of design in addition to photograph-based imagery.

Enjoy the latest addition of graphics from your favorite custom ski builders

Of course, these graphics are added to our standard selection of custom ski topsheet graphic choices.  If you’d like to incorporate a fully custom built graphic onto your custom skis, our design team can help bring your creative ideas to life as well!

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