11 NEW Custom Ski Graphics For 2022-23

11 new custom ski graphics 2022-23

In between spring cleaning, new shape / construction R&D, and (of course) custom ski building, we’ve been able to cook up a fresh batch of custom ski topsheet graphics for your next custom build.

Although it won’t seem to stop snowing (no complaints here), many of the new graphics come from warm weather inspiration, as well as classic graphic design styles.  Of course, the graphics below are just a small offering of Folsom’s full library of topsheet graphics.  That said, ordering a custom pair of skis with one of these graphics will have you being one of very few out there in the world!

Without further adieu, enjoy the latest addition of graphics from your favorite custom ski builders

These are stock graphic offerings, meaning they come at no extra charge to a custom build from Folsom.  If you’d like to incorporate a fully custom built graphic onto your custom skis, our design team can help bring your creative ideas to life as well!

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