Summer Custom Sale CLOSED
Re-Opening May 2017

The Summer Custom program offers our greatest value as we are able to manufacture a limited number of fully custom skis over the slower summer months. Each pair is constructed utilizing the same materials and manufacturing process as our traditional full custom process. Every shape we build is available through this sale and skis are guaranteed to be delivered by Oct. 15. We are capping the sale for this year at 50 builds. Once the spaces fill up you will have to wait until next year.

Here’s how it works: 

You choose a shape, graphic, camber profile, and flex by filling out the Summer Custom Form. We then get in touch with you to go over your custom ski design and approve your new ski build profie. 

Once you approve your ski build profile with us, you make a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $400 to secure your skis. You enjoy your summer knowing we are hard at work hand building your skis. October arrives and you pay the remaining balance.


It’s that simple. Get your hands on some soon as the sale only lasts a few months. 

As always we are here to assist you. Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call, 303 248 3418

Contact Information
Skier Profile
What type of skiing do you do? Check all that apply
Shape / Graphics
Tip/Tail Profile
Tip Taper Options:

Traditional Tip - Our standard tip is designed to be a responsive tip in powder and variable conditions. It will react more to your input and provide strong turn initiation in all conditions. Traditional Tip

Early Tapered Tip - Check this option if you would like to discuss adding a tip profile that tapers sooner than our traditional tip. The amount of taper can vary depending on the design goals of your skis. Early-Tapered tips are a good choice if you want a tip that can plane, smear and be more neutral in its response to your input. Early Tapered Tip

Tail Profile Options:

Rounded Tail

Flat Spot Tail

Flex / Camber Profile
Contact us by phone at (303) 248-3418 or by email at if you have any questions about the following.
Flex Options:

Standard - A rounded more even flex pattern and stiffness. It will have a softer tip that gets progressively stiffer as it moves into the center of the ski and the tail will be about 15% stiffer than the tip. This flex will suit skiers who like to ski varying speeds and switch between smaller and bigger radius turns. Generally skiers weighing 185lbs or less will fit into this flex (unless you are above 185lbs and are looking for a more playful flex).

Aggressive - A stiffer flex pattern that is designed for faster speeds and longer radius turns. It will be about 20% stiffer throughout than the standard flex. It will also be less rounded of a flex with a stiffer more powerful tip and tail. If you like speed and want more stability at speed, this is your flex. Generally skiers weighing above 185lbs and/ or are aggressive skiers will fit this flex.

Camber Profile Options:
Camber Profiles
Camber Profiles