Design My Custom Skis: 

1. Fill out the Folsom Custom Fit Form (starts below) as best you can. 
2. We will contact you within 48-72 hours, and talk with you personally to design Your Custom Skis. 
3. You approve your custom skis design - At this point, we collect payment and start building your custom skis. 

Payment can be made as a non-refundable 50% deposit up front and 50% upon shipping OR 100% upfront. 

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions at or by phone at (303)248-3418 

Contact Information
Skier Profile
How does this ski fit in your quiver?
Shapes and Graphics
What shapes are you interested in?
Tip/Tail Profile
Tip Taper Options:

Traditional Tip - Our standard tip is designed to be a responsive tip in powder and variable conditions. It will react more to your input and provide strong turn initiation in all conditions. Traditional Tip

Early Tapered Tip - Check this option if you would like to discuss adding a tip profile that tapers sooner than our traditional tip. The amount of taper can vary depending on the design goals of your skis. Early-Tapered tips are a good choice if you want a tip that can plane, smear and be more neutral in its response to your input. Early Tapered Tip

Tail Profile Options:

Rounded Tail

Flat Spot Tail

Flex / Camber Profile
Contact us by phone at (303) 248-3418 or by email at if you have any questions about the following.
Flex Options:

Standard - A rounded more even flex pattern and stiffness. It will have a softer tip that gets progressively stiffer as it moves into the center of the ski and the tail will be about 15% stiffer than the tip. This flex will suit skiers who like to ski varying speeds and switch between smaller and bigger radius turns. Generally skiers weighing 185lbs or less will fit into this flex (unless you are above 185lbs and are looking for a more playful flex).

Aggressive - A stiffer flex pattern that is designed for faster speeds and longer radius turns. It will be about 20% stiffer throughout than the standard flex. It will also be less rounded of a flex with a stiffer more powerful tip and tail. If you like speed and want more stability at speed, this is your flex. Generally skiers weighing above 185lbs and/ or are aggressive skiers will fit this flex.

Camber Profile Options:
Camber Profiles
Camber Profiles